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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store sensitive information?

Inline integrates with payment processors/gateways through server-2-server integration and everything regarding payment processing is directly passed to your payment service provider. The credit card input fields are loaded from the payment processor servers ensuring a secure connection between payment processor and the Customer. Inline does not handle any card details or sensitive details, at all.

Do I need to have a payment processing account in order to use Inline?

In order to use Inline to capture payments via credit cards - you as an Inline user would need to have an account with some of the supported payment service providers we integrate with. Alternatively, if you do not have a payment service provider, you can use Inline to enable Cash on Delivery, PayPal and other upcoming alternative payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay etc.

How does your pricing work?

Inline offers pay-as-you-go pricing. You can join Inline completely for free, set up everything without paying a dime. The moment you start selling, that's when our pricing kicks in.

Inline calculates main order + all upsells into one single sale. Example: a customer purchases a base product ($45) + 2 Upsells purchased ($55). You earned $100. For that sale, Inline will cost you $0.3.

Billing periods happens every 30 days, meaning that you are not paying anything in advance. You'll be paying Inline as long as you have sales.

Can I have multiple stores connected on one account?

Yes. You can add unlimited stores on a single account. Each store has a setup of it's own and you can have a complete breakdown of your store performance on one account.

Can I upgrade to a custom plan?

Yes you can. You can easily upgrade to a Custom plan. If you're doing above 2000 sales per month, feel free to contact us so we can prepare a custom plan for you.

Can I connect multiple payment processors with one account at the same time?

Yes, you can have multiple payment methods on one store. If some payment service provider is facing downtime on their end, you can just switch to another one with a single click so your business doesn't suffer from that downtime.

Does this work with Facebook iOS 14 update?

Completely. Inline offers a full whitelabel, where you can configure your personal whitelabel URL using CNAME. This way, the URL structure is 100% yours and you'll be able to verify your domain via Facebook and set up aggregated events without any problems.

Do you have a whitelabel and on what level?

Inline has full whitelabel features. This means that you can completely customize the visual part of the checkout, tech details and URL structure, which offers complete and seamless implementation and integration of Inline to the medium of your choice.

Can I cancel my account anytime, without written notice?

You're free to cancel/delete your account anytime. If you had sales going on and you'd like to cancel the account while being an active user, you'd have to complete the payment before canceling.

Can I use Inline if I process in a currency that is not USD/EUR?

Yes. We are automatically fetching currency that is active on your website and it is automatically shown on the checkout page.

Is Inline in-line with GDPR?

Inline is operating and existing under the laws of UK and is completely GDPR compliant. You can check our Privacy Policy and TOS.

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